4 Commonly Missed Event Checklist Details

Desserts, favors, and music, oh my! Whether the larger population would like to admit it or not, event planning is hard. One is required to be detail oriented, while at the same time, able to step back and see the big picture. The SEB team totally gets the constant juggle. When we prepare for our event management gigs, we like to have not only a regular check off list for the items we know we will need to gather, but then add a “I know you forgot the first time, so this is your reminder to pull-it-together” checklist. That is literally the title of the list, no jokes.

This week, we decided to let you in on a few of our secrets by giving you four to-dos from our very own pull-it-together checklist.

  1. Have a rain plan. We all like to hope that luck will be on our side. That the stars, moon, and big ol’ sun will get together to make our event the best event of them all. Your extravaganza will be truly amazing… if you’re prepared. Have a plan of action for when it rains just before your outside get together and even if it starts to rain during your indoors event.
  2. Note the historical temperature. Rain is not the only thing that can be bothersome, heat waves and icicles can be too. You do not want your guests to be pouring with sweat between sips of their cocktail, so be cognisant of what kind of weather you will be gearing up for. If it has been ninety degrees for the past four weeks, ten times out of ten it will be ninety degrees on your event date too.
  3. Extra seating. Simply put, people do not typically sit right next to each other. You will always need approximately twenty more chairs than there are people.
  4. Designate a photo wrangler. Your photographer does not know who is who of your family and friends. Get someone to help so you can end the day with a pile of photos of all of the people you love.

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