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Our Approach

At Signature Event Bags, we ONLY do gifting items so we focus our attention on developing memorable items time and time again.

While pens and magnets have their place, we help you offer something your guests can truly use and appreciate while providing your sponsors a measurable return on their support.

With your audience in mind, we help with intentional promotion (that doesn't come off as selling) of your company through customized and creative gifts and products to enhance clients positive remembrance of your brand.

Our Why

We've attended a lot of events over the years and to be honest, we got tired of receiving swag, VIP or gift bags full of business cards, mints, and yes ... pens.  It is estimated that 80% of the contents in most gift bags ends up in the garbage can.  Our founder started off creating bags for a couple of her marketing and brand clients and they were hit.  We received great feedback on how the contents of our various gift items tied well to an event and increased the ROI for sponsors.  With continued requests, we knew we were onto something, and Signature Event Bags was born.

Meet the Team

Among our executive team members, we have a number of behind the scenes partners and support people that help us function at our best.

Tracie VanBuren

Founder & CEO

Tracie "VanB" VanBuren has a background in business administration, marketing, and human resources. She is also a United States Air Force Desert Storm veteran. Her favorite event planning detail is glitter because despite popular belief, all that glitters, truly IS gold.

Tahjma VanBuren

Blogger & CO-Owner

Tahjma VanBuren is a University of North Carolina at Greensboro bachelor student. She has a strong passion for writing and is always on the move for a new adventure. Her favorite event planning detail is lighting because everyone deserves a spotlight special.

Lil VanB

The Assistant

Lil VanB specializes in third grade education. She has been awarded cutest and greatest helper for two consecutive years. Her favorite party planning detail is bubble wrap.

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