That Man Called DAD

Father’s day is just around the corner. 18 days and counting! We asked around and without giving away our sources, the SEB team was informed that this year, fathers needed a small break from the JC Penny ties. Of course, they love to be able to walk around with a picture of their latest family portrait around their neck; how else are they going to be able to seamlessly bring up how their baby is starting the teething stage to their coworkers? That is always a great idea, however, sometimes it can be fun to take the surprise to a whole other level too. That being said, the SEB team got together to think of ways to help our moms, wives, and kiddos. Here are just three ideas we came up with, to get the ball rolling.

Beard Care Kit
If you haven’t heard, beards are in! If your loved one has a mane to tame, search around for a beard kit that will help him stay ahead of the game. Our go to is It’s Da Balm for “the key to a soft, moisturized, and manly beard.” They offer an array of butters, oils, and novelty tees that are all equally tantalizing!

While a dog may be a man’s best friend, sometimes kicking back with a nice beer can be just as good. We recommend finding a brewery near you for your beer connoisseur. Our CEO is from the one and only Brooklyn, New York, so we can’t help but shout out the Brooklyn Brewery. As an international beacon for good beer, Brooklyn Brewery is a one-stop-shop for all things beer, food, events, (whispers!) and sustainability.

Barber Shop
Take his grooming experience to the next level! We know what it means to go to a barber shop. Often the experience is focused on getting customers in and out of the chair. Choose a locations for your loved one that is all about him being a guest awaiting a thorough pampering. Find a high end barber shop near you that offers not only your standard cut, but facials, massages, and hot towel treatments. We have had our eye on Upscale Barber Shop in Atlanta, Georgia for some time and can’t wait to splurge on a gift for our own special someone’s there.

We know these tips will have your father’s day experience at an all time high. Remember to top it off with our signature Man Can!

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